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Nothing is forever. Here are some noteworthy sites that are no longer in service.

You can't see the sites in action. You can see screen shots, and learn a little about the site by clicking on an image, or title.

NailPro Atlanta '05

NailPro Atlanta is a beauty tradeshow hosted by Nailpro. Working from designed photoshop files, I was responsible for building the sub-site that promotes, and supports the upcoming event.

Today's Image Expo '05

Along with pages about the schedule, venue, speakers, siminars, and parties, there are secure forms for registering for the event. I used ASP, CSS, JavaScript.

Academy of Entertainment & Technology

Lead a group of students redesigning the Academy's website. As Producer, I was responsible for coordinating a team of 5. Also, contributed to the design, information design, and technical aspects of the project.

Ricardo Legorreta

Ricardo Legorreta is an award winning architect of custom homes, and public buildings (libraries, churches, museums, hotels). Designed, and produced all content and scripting for this student project. Features include a project gallery that works with JavaScript popup window.

Orleans Records

Orleans Records is a small record lablel from the bayou. Capturing the flavor of thier "hot and spicy blues" was the challenge here. Features include streaming audio samples of the lable's music. This was a student project. Some of the features are out of my control and may no longer be working.

Jonny Bronze

Jonny Bronze, developed to promote a tanning industry tradeshow. Includes inbedded video, scrolling menues, and a paperdoll that allows you to "dress Jonny" with drag and drop ease.

Flash sub site

ActionScript, Animation, See credits page on site for more details

Hollywood Scripts

Independent Film Contest in need of a web site that connects with the indi croud, within an independent budget.

Flash Header

Design, ActionScript, Animation

YNI Creative

Chumley's Graphic design company developing a presence on the internet as an Interactive media designer. Produced, designed, and created content. Technical features include

Flash web site

Design, ActionScript, Animation, and PHP

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