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I've been a shutterbug for some time now. I generally prefer landscapes, cityscapes, old doorways, and patina. To look at a collection click on a photo, or the section's title and enjoy.

Holidays 05

Danica's first Holiday season. Grandparents, Uncles, cousins and friends were all here and sharing in the special moments.

Dec '05

More Danica Photos

Danica's getting bigger, stronger, and smarter by the day. The curriousity about all of the things around her is a delight to see.

Jan, Feb '06


Born Sept. 5th '05, Danica is the little princess that has come to rule our lives. All in all she's really cute, and I'm not biased one bit.

Sept - Nov '05

Sedona Arizona

We spent a week in northern Arizona and had a great time seeing sites, and hiking through natural awe.

Sept '04

Grand Canyon

A place that one should visit during their lifetime. The evidence of time is on a truly grand scale. I was both humbled and inspired.

Sept '04

Cliff Dwellings

Walnut Creek and Montezuma's Castle are two of the native American cliff dwellings that dot the southwestern United States.
The original southwestern architecture. They were safe at home, the challenge was getting home.

Sept '04

Bol / Dol Croatia

The Beaches of Bol hold the hopes for the future of the Island, while Dol's museum contains much of it's rich history.

Island of Brac, Croatia

May '04

Milna / Pucisca

Milna has the best collection of sailboats, and yachts, while Pucisca has a own cozy feel all it's own.

Island of Brac, Croatia

May '04


The town where we stayed and spent most of our time. The water is crystal clear, the people are friendly, and the Pizza's yummy.

Island of Brac, Croatia

May '04


With Roman ruins, and a church that took 300 years to build, Split has a rich history.

Split, Croatia

May '04


An hour south of Zagreb, Karlovac is where our trip took a reflective turn. Several war-torn buildings were left as a reminder of the Serb-Croatian war. A stark contrast to American war memorials that seem to glorify conquest of battle.

Karlovac, Croatia

May '04

Szentendre and Holloku

Hungarian history lessons. A glimpse into another time. Szentendre with its cozy walkways, and cute shops. Holloko with it's mideval castle, and traditional homes.

Szentendre and Holloko, Hungary

October '02

Eger, Holloko

Eger where the locals held off the Ottamans while drinking massive amounts of red wine. With winestained beards, and clothes, it was thought that they got thier strength by drinking "bull's blood".

Eger and Holloko, Hungary

October '02

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