you do judge a book by it's


The first time I used Photoshop I was hooked. As I mastered it I gained a powerful tool. And one that I still get a kick out of using. This is what I've done.

A Quick Half Step

A Pilot's final journey home.

Audio CD cover.

Design, prototype production.

Escape the Red Bear

The experience of American soldiers interned in World War II era Russia.

Book Cover



A dramatic look inside NASA as they try to predict where, and when Skylab will crash back to earth.

Audio CD Cover

Design, prototype production.

Happy Holidays Sunset Strip

Greeting card for outdoor advertising firm. The Sunset Strip all decked out for the hollidays.

Greeting Card


Stream Consciousness

Photo illustration for feature. Advocating policies that make for a healthy approach to our use of streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Photo Illustraton

Photography, Design


Surreal surf dream

Photo Illustration

Photography, Design

Waiting for Mihailovitch

Guilt by association, secret police, incarceration and interogation, a young man's life in the time of the Hungarian revolution.

Audio drama CD cover.

Design, Prototype.

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