If you don't incorporate interactivity into your site you are lose
one of the biggest advantages of the web. Search fields, questionaires
shopping carts, mailing lists are all prime examples of features that
are unique to the web and should be used where appropriate.

The Search is On

Just think of your own experience on the web, when you need to find
something in a hurry you look for the search field. Your sites visitors
will appreciate it.

Get to Know Your Clients

Questionaires, and forms greatly improve your understanding of your
clients, product, and market better. The right questions can tell you
a great deal.

Let Them Have Cake

Your site has sold the customer on your product. Why not finish
the deal with a shopping cart. It would be a shame to send them
somewhere else to buy product, and let them see all the other products
out there.

Stay in Front of Them

The best way to maintain your market is repeat business. Offering to
keep your visitors informed gives you the opportunity to say, "Hey,
Remember Me"

You can also set up viral campaigns that allow visitors to "email to
a friend." This is a great way to capitalize on thier realtionships
with others.

Glossary of Internet Terms

Here is a short list of some of the basic terms that you hear all the time but, what do they mean?

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