open minds, open doors


The web allows us to learn about our interests at will. I've dedicated
myself to a life of continued learning. I've received a wealth of knowledge
from some pretty bright people. Here are links to past instructors, who's
patient guidence, I'm forever grateful.


Professor Gina Jerry, did a great job of making difficult concepts easy to understand. She made time for anyone with questions, or extra help.


Professor Ken Geddes, Very well organized. His site has all you need to keep up with class. It is a good example of how the web can supplement the classroom education.

Web Design

Professor Van Allen, was the one who really set my mind in motion. Showing me new concepts for interactivity, and a new way of non linear thinking. My career path was forever change by the experience. Also, a fine example of using the web to supplement classroom instruction. Site is not entirely up but most of it is there.

Other online resources

Here is a short list of some of the basic terms that you hear all the
time but, what do they mean?

FlashKit - Resource for tutorials, sounds, and more for the Flash-a-holic. - PHP functions, syntax, and security documented. More than
you would ever want to know, about the powerful scripting language.

HTMLgoodies - Tutorials and Primers for a wide variety of popular web
languages. A great place to go if you're just starting out.

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