building your brand


Here are some tips for how to think about your site as a "brand"
that you can advertise, and build an ever expanding visitor base.
You do want the attention don't you?

Some of these tips are specific to internet branding, but most of
them apply to branding in general, for use in the real world.

Define Purpose of the Site

Is your site going to be the business, or support the business?
Do you want to be an Amazonian, or a Coca-Colian. It is essential
to have this information in order to plan the right branding strategy
and site design.

Common Mistake far too Common

A business brand should be named as a proper noun like a person,
not product category. It also should be uncommon enough to stand
apart from the croud, but not so unusual that they loose credability.

Easy to Spell and Speak

A name needs to be easy to spell so that when someone goes to
the web and type in the address, they can get there easily. As far
being able to speak the name, how are satisfied customers going to
tell there friends and family if it's to hard to say your name.

Advertise your site

There are ways to promote your site on the web and off that help
establish your site as the place to go.

Search Engine Submission is the process of getting on the massive
directories that help users find what they are looking for on the net.
The important elements are keywords, desiciptions, and submission.

Affiliations, and link exchange are ways of gaining viewers not losing
viewers. In economic terms, open markets are more successful than
the protective closed markets in the world. Building affiliations and
swapping links help establish your site in the eyes of the viewer, and
in the logarithms of most search engines.

Large internet concerns spend large sums of money on advertising
to get visitors to thier sites. Your budget will dictate how much
you spend. Whatever your budget, advertise your site on all your
existing marketing material. Business cards, letterhead, shipping
lables, and SWAG should have your web address.

Glossary of Internet Terms

Here is a short list of some of the basic terms that you hear all the time but, what do they mean?

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